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Patrick James Boland
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patrick james boland

Many labels could describe me: fourth and final year medical student, researcher, columnist and blogger, and - when I can - backpacker and world traveller.

This blog responds to my experiences in and out of the hospital, to watching patients die alone and afraid, to the tensions between the personal and the professional, to my deep hunger to make others' lives better, and to our craving as humans to feel connected and understood.

Join me on the journey.


My current research interests include operationalizing concept-to-implementation innovations in a healthcare setting, 'flat' healthcare (ask me about it), systems innovations to shorten the temporal/spatial/'informational' distance between patient-and-provider, and understanding ways we can add modularity to healthcare processes (e.g. healthtech from concept-to-product, centralize quality improvement resources while maintaining dispersed leadership, etc.).

Some side projects now include understanding leadership attitudes among health professional students, applying non-linear regression (e.g. neural networks) to cancer genomics, and implementing a primary care innovation to 'nudge' patients to meet personal quality benchmarks.


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Warfarin-Aspirin Dual Use - Minneapolis VA Medical Center

  • Queried the EMR for dual warfarin/aspirin utilizers, then coordinated with primary care teams to remove patients on both drugs without an appropriate indication [i.e. mechanical heart valve]. Led to a hospital-wide policy change in the Warfarin Clinic.

IHI Open School - University of Minnesota Twin Cities

  • Partnered medical students with five projects in UM Physician's 2nd Quality Collaborative, designed a lecture series attended by 160 students representing 10 different schools, and supported a dinner series with thought leaders such as Dr. Batalden, co-founded of IHI.

Reducing Psychiatry Readmissions - UM Physicians

  • Collaborated with staff and leaders in the psychiatry department to implement rapid PDSA cycles targeted at reducing psychiatry readmissions, largely through redesigning the department around care coordination for high utilizers.

Quality Intern - HealthPartners

  • Served as a short-term administrative intern with the clinical quality and patient safety team at HealthPartners' corporate headquarters.

Pathology Workflow Coordination - Hospital Pathology Associates

  • Coordinated workflow operations for a thirty-physician pathology team and organized changes to workflow that helped improve patient outcomes and save physician time.

Curriculum development

1Health Interprofessional Curriculum Development - University of Minnesota

  • Partnered with pharmacy and nursing students to develop Phase II programming for the FIPCC/1Health Interprofessional curriculum, designing and implementing an exercise to be scaled as the training of the participants increased.

Healthcare Advocacy Curriculum - VA Medical Center

  • Created a novel curriculum alongside one of the VA chief residents concerning the role of patient advocates, specifically as concerns medical writing, freelancing, and social media.

VALUE Feedback Committee - VA Medical Center

  • Piloted the VALUE longitudinal clerkship curriculum alongside nine other students and helped design the metrics to explore student outcomes of the program alongside physician leaders and other healthcare professionals.


CommonGrounds - Consultant

  • Consulted with four other professional students on behalf of the Center for Integrative Leadership on an environmental survey of resources and contacts across UMN doing multidisciplinary service work in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

Caribou Coffee Amy's Blend Campaign - Brief Consultant

  • Collaborated with the marketing team to create an authentic and meaningful series of daily messages centered on health, wellness, and the patient-provider relationship.

The Emily Program - Medical Education Liaison

  • Designed educational programming targeting college and high school athletes around the topic of eating disorders and overtraining.

Honors, awards, and grants

Dr. R. & S. Rydell Scholarship

CLARION Interdisciplinary Leadership Finalist

George H. Williams and Lillian K. Williams Scholarship

1Health Interprofessional Education Internship

American College of Physicians Leadership Grant

Dean of Medical Education Quality Improvement Grant